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April Channel Training - Turn your $10,000 deal into a $30,000 deal

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Gartner states that, "Faster cloud adoption is driving increased bundling and customer wallet share, resulting winner-take-all model". Why is that important to you? Well, for starters, the growth of collaboration solutions like Teams and Zoom have dramatically improved our clients ability to work from anywhere - which means they're no longer reliant on the bandwidth or phone system you sold them for their office. In fact, with the voice selling for $10 per month, we need to find the growth in other areas! The key to long-term growth is to partner with a supplier that offers a lot more than just UCaaS...and the only supplier that can add additional high-margin services like CCaaS, Desktop, and Teams Voice is Evolve IP.

These days when we're asked what Evolve IP does, our answer is always "we enable remote workforce solutions for Voice, Collaboration, IT, and Contact Center". It's never "we sell Teams Voice, Contact Center, and Desktop" because the name of the game is solving the remote workforce problem, not chipping away at it with one solution at a time. If you're not bundling solutions to address the entire remote workforce challenge, not only are you missing the big picture, but you're leaving a lot of money on the table!

Please join Tim Allen, Evolve IP's EVP of Business Development and Founding Partner, as he walks you through Evolve IP's runbook and teaches you how we turn that $10,000 deal into a $30,000 deal by bundling multiple solutions.


Shane Shapiro